43 Replies to “Espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte, latte macchiato”

  1. Nick Dobard

    I'm a newbie. If I am making a 12 oz latte and a 16 oz latte, what's the difference in how much milk I use for each?

  2. ItsEvaNg

    i would like to ask whether you put how much grams in your basket? i see you pull your shot into two cups, is it a single shot into two cups you are doing?

  3. darkbrian '

    I am tend to be negative, I leave mean comments all the time but not in this channel! Never!!!

    Love your passion and thank you.

  4. Otak Tempe Channel

    Hi Dritan,
    May I Know, difference between Espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte, latte macchiato. Thank you.

  5. Giselle Zavala

    5 drinks in under 3 minutes! I want to be a barista because of the coffee aspect but I lack the personality. 🙁

  6. Fernando Andrés Paniagua Arias

    How do you take control of milk temperature?
    In some videos, milk looks pretty hot and foam does not look well.

  7. sujoy Dutta

    What a beauty !!!! I wish you were my trainer…… Each video I watch of yours more passionate I get about being a barista… Thanks mate keep making such lovely video you will always have me pushing the like button….

  8. Danny Kurniawan

    HOW DID YOU BECOME SO CONSISTENT!? By the way, I'm studying coffee but I'm still young (14 years old), do you have any tips for beginners?

  9. Uzair Hanif

    Again Amazing video.. your work is sooo synced!
    you are partly the reason of my recent obsession for great coffee….
    thanks dude.. keep it up!


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