Dritan`s autosteamer: how to froth the milk with Barista Dritan Alsela method

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25 Replies to “Dritan`s autosteamer: how to froth the milk with Barista Dritan Alsela method”

  1. Zahir Bakri

    Im a barista for 1 week .. now im searching u and see ur guide.. hope u lead me soon sir..
    With love:malaysian

  2. Troll_King_17

    I wonder which is the measure supplied with enough milk to make a cappuccino
    or 2, 3. I am interested in the situation that I would not spend too much milk if you have only 2 in the mail-order coffee. Thank you

  3. Adrian Mazzalupo

    I have a problem, my mik expand too much and it start going outside the jar. What i´m doing wrong? (it doesn´t get hot enough if i took it out soon)

  4. Felipe Rojas

    Now I understand the "Listen to your milk" concept. At first, I noticed that the milk at the perfect point sounds different and I've been working in the past weeks about that, it is great. The Autosteaming technique is really good for multitasking, I always do it while I'm ginding the coffee of brewing the espressos for the cappuccinos or the lattes.

    I have just one question. How many foam do you need ? Because, sometimes I have more foam and it's get trickier to do latteart. Or in case that you have way too much foam, do you just pour the first part of the milk that you have in your "drawing" pitcher in other pitcher that is clean or the same where you steam the milk ?


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