DALGONA COFFEE – How to make dalgona coffee at home

Dalgona Coffee – a trending recipe from South Korea.

In this video, I tried it out – it’s very easy to make.

You basically only need:
2 tbs of Instant Coffee (yes, that’s right)
2 tbs of sugar (add more or less depending on how sweet you like it)
2 tbs of hot water

Mix the ingredients either with a whisk or an electric hand mixer until the coffee is nice and creamy.

Pour cold or hot milk in a glass (as much as you prefer), then add the coffee cream on top. Et voilá.

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46 Replies to “DALGONA COFFEE – How to make dalgona coffee at home”

  1. Long N

    If you make espresso at home , you will hate this dalgona coffee. I made one this morning and I spitted it out. It’s fucking disgusting

  2. winter J

    OMG!!! Ich war oft im Café von Ihnen!! Haha
    Die Kaffee schmeckte immer sehr gut und auch Banane Brot war super lecker! :))
    Ich wusste nicht, dass Sie Youtuber sind. 😁
    Viel Erfolg! :))

  3. Barista Lim

    내 눈을 의심했다ㅋㅋㅋ 달고나커피가 여기서 나오다니 ㅋㅋㅋ
    근대 휘핑기 반칙인데요!ㅋㅋㅋ
    그건 그렇고 선생님 코로나 조심하시고 건강하세요

  4. Corinne Tene

    Looks great! I made a video of me trying to make the coffee on my channel as well. I recommend putting in less sugar as it was too sweet for me.

  5. Eric Petersen

    Ditran can’t stand not making coffee’s. Love and respect to him-what a amazing person!

    Thank you very much, and GREAT English!!💪☕️❤️🧴🧼

  6. JS A

    I used to drink instant coffe 7 years ago. Untill I evoulated to proffesional expresso ans expensive expressos. I will never taste instant coffe again. Once I uset an electrodrill to mix the instant coffee.

  7. Noam Avni

    Dritan, you're the best. As a fellow Barista I have learned more from watching you than my tutors when I was starting out, Much love all the way from Israel.

  8. Apo

    This is Frappe with milk, Greeks drink it year now but in a different way!! we don't drink the cream, we just add water and ice cubes and voila!!

  9. Miss B.

    This had been around a long time. I was shocked to see it trending like someone just invented it. 😊 It is good though, now more people can try how good it taste.

  10. Tally Ho Tech

    mate what are you doing. This is just azuquita. Do it Cuban style
    get rid of the instant coffee just add expresso to the sugar instead of hot water and whip it.

  11. Enigma 01

    I have seen this is going viral … must try but I find there is way too much sugar … so I do hope I will NOT find it WOW …..
    thank you for your videos … a little moment of pleasure during these questionable times ! Cheers to you both ☕️

  12. Tomáš

    Hi! I saw that there are some hand grinders on your counter. Is there going to be a video about them? I'm especially interested in the Comandante.


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