Hi guys! Wanted to take you through a cozy day in my life at home during self isolation! I made some yummy food, made an iced matcha latte for the first time, did some deep cleaning and more!

Sweet potato/Kale bowl recipe:



+Tan Top:
+White Sweats:
+White Tank:
+Free People set:
+Gold Hoops:
(affordable hoops dupe:


Airbnb $40 credit:

Use code JACI for 30% off Obé fitness!

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39 Replies to “COZY DAY AT HOME (vlog)”

  1. daniellethelovebug

    i paint my own nails every weekend…i do a base clear coat, two coats of color, then a top coat. and you have to let it dry for a while, mine stays pretty good the whole week, but i keep my nails much shorter than yours. I've been using the pacifica top coat

  2. Rileigh Welch

    Jaci I love this video! Your positivity is super great! I also love to have gel nails, but it was getting so expensive a few months ago, so I did a bit of research and you can actually buy all of the supplies for gel nails off of amazon! Now I do my own gel nails every two weeks for free! It only cost me about $40 to get 5 or 6 colors, top coat and base coat and a UV lamp! Just a thought for #stayhome nails! 🙂

  3. Katie Baker Style

    girl i started doing my own dip nails and it’s actually not even hard at all! i got the prodip kit from sally’s and ordered a white dip and electric file from amazon. they last for like 2-3 weeks it’s literally life changing especially during quarantine!

  4. Abbey Hayford

    I’ve been using Essie’s “good to go” top coat on top of Kathleen Light’s nail polish brand called Lights Lacquer, and its been lasting awhile!

  5. Bonnie Riley

    Deborah Lippmann “Addicted To Speed” top coat makes manicures last at least 5-7 days. Also using it with any gel polish from the drugstore makes it last even longer!

  6. Sara Gatlin

    Okay best top coat ever is Olive and June’s. I literally want to like be an ambassador for them or something because I am SHOCKED how long my nails went without chips and I tell everyoneeee about it 😂 I went over a week without chips and when they do chip it’s little tiny pieces. It says to reapply every 2 days but I didn’t for an entire week and they lasted

  7. Heather Waldo

    I really appreciated Jaci putting the disclaimer in the beginning saying you don't have to be productive every single day and even she has off days. I think that is really important to remember. While staying productive now is good it is also okay to chill and cope with what is happening. Thanks Jaci 🙂

  8. Margie Mays

    Love ALL your vlogs. Any chance you'll give the 411 on where those black and white photo/prints are from (in the black frames) by your TV (the palm tree & beach one)?!?!

  9. Morgan Beja

    The first week/10 days of self-isolation I was really beating myself up because I wasn’t moving my body, not getting anything done, watching too much YouTube/movies, but I’m learning to give myself grace. My dad and I actually started to build a raised garden bed so we can grow a portion our own food, and that’s really been helping me keep my mind clear!!
    Also living for WWS bonus episodes!! Keep ‘em coming!!!💛💛

  10. leah young

    Nailtiques is the best for your nails!! Mine polish stays on for a week when I use it as a base coat and a top coat.

  11. nullachtfünfzehn

    Hi Jaci, do you have any tips for someone who just started Youtube ? I really want to get more into it but kind of lost hahaha maybe you have some helpful tips. Thank you and stay safe ☀️☺️


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