Coffee Routine ☕️ | Moka Pot & French Press | Sustainability

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📽In this one I’m sharing my sustainable coffee routine. I hope you enjoy!

🎵 Music by Carl Storm

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8 Replies to “Coffee Routine ☕️ | Moka Pot & French Press | Sustainability”

  1. Stuart G

    Really nice video, beautifully shot. Well done
    Moka pot is great, I recomend you try a good hand grinder and some nice beans with it and you will not regret it. It adds to the ritual. Aeropress is really nice, easy and forgiving and you can buy a metal filter if you dont want to use filter papers.
    Dont get into espresso at home unless you have lots of time and want a new hobby 🤣

  2. N. Jards

    Hi Lena. I just listened to your audiobook. Thanks for uploading. I found it really interesting and your narration is adorable. I use a stainless steel French press (we call it a coffee plunger in Australia) as my wife kept accidentally breaking the glass ones. The stainless steel ones are great as they are insulated and unbreakable.


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