Coffee in the bedroom 😁

My fiancé asked me to paint the bedroom wall. While doing so I had the best idea … or so I thought. My surprise kind of backfired. She wasn’t happy at all 🙈😅I really don’t understand why?! 🤷🏻‍♂️What’s wrong with her?

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46 Replies to “Coffee in the bedroom 😁”

  1. ChiKou babä Kurt •••

    Hahahahaha omg Dritan you are crazy , we love you big boss ❤️ , Barista master of all times 💜💜

  2. Zach of Eternity

    ‘Would’ve been nice to have home sweet home or I love you’?! Women just don’t get it sometimes y’know 😂💙☕️

  3. Xixi Zang

    Mr. Dritan Alsela I am a huge fan of coffee like you but as your fiancé my mom also nags me not to drink coffee all time 😂😂😂… anyways huge fan of yours tooo

  4. Benbenny Chu

    During pregnancy, things that you liked before will become annoying, and after a period of time, there will be a chance to change back to the previous state. Mr.dritan

  5. mewechs

    April, April? Just a day too late?
    Usually they talk German.
    Likely they will hang a picture on the wall to hide it.


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