Brewing Coffee with a Moka Pot!

Brewing Coffee with a Moka Pot! The secrets to making great coffee with that weird little thing some people call an Expresso Maker. You probably have seen a Moka Pot, you might even have one, or… your Grandma does. Most don’t really understand their use or how they work. A lot of people make subpar coffee with them by doing it wrong. Some people claim the coffee is too bitter from a Moka Pot. I say they’re doing it wrong! The process to making coffee in a Moka Pot is simple, there aren’t a lot of tools needed, and the pot itself is inexpensive. Today I show you how to make some of the best coffee you’ll ever have with this underrated simple device! The Moka Pot!

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20 Replies to “Brewing Coffee with a Moka Pot!”

  1. dreamervanroom

    I do like you. First the voice, then…the rest.
    I am looking forward to my breakfast coffee.

    Sounds like an excellent choice of beans.

    (Let me tell you why it spit out the side. There was junk, aka, coffee, on the gasket surface.
    I could see it and noticed that I didn't see you sweep it off with your finger. (Truth, mine did that till I learned. Just like on a car gasket, there are rules to follow.
    Cat.or.Dogatism: My gasket must be clean. My gasket sealing surface must be clean. It must not have pits or dents and if It does I will smooth it, even if I must use tools or sandpaper. I will keep my mokapot clean but not too clean. Fingers can feel the coffee oils.
    Let your taste be your guide.

  2. Jimmie Burleigh

    I'm generally a strong black cafe style coffee guy not a fancy coffee guy but that looks good with or without the milk. Kinda reminds me of Cuban coffee that I grew to love while I was in Miami for a week doing a welder QC inspection class.

  3. Amirali Afshan

    I’m watching your videos,Only for you 😬 you’re really cool guy , tonight i watched probably 10 videos of your channel! Stay awesome as you’re. ❤️

  4. Jon Samuda

    Shouldn't this be on your Brews Channel as you are "brewing" coffee lol…. I have used a moka pot since the early seventies! good video!

  5. Nicholas Poetker

    Spot on! I too have found that a fine #1 grind gives the fullest body flavor coffee! Yes, I have residue in the bottom of my mug. I too mainly start with cold water and in my right mind would never think of using hot water unless I wanted a brew in a hurry!

  6. Sean Russell

    I kinda wanna know the reason someone gave a negative on this video?

    Ah, I think I've figured it out. No Derica.

  7. Cheeky Saver

    I never use my moka pot. I don't know why though. I have a almost embarrassing amount of coffee gear… only one is moka pot… and no espresso makers. It is my great grandma's fault. As a kid I became obsessed with the vintage coffee maker on a shelf in the basement. A urn with 2 glass bubbles that go on top with a stainless steel lid. It is the pride and joy of my coffee maker collection and will NEVER be used. 7 or 8 years ago I saw one on ebay that sold for over $500… and I have never seen one on there since. They have vacuum pots…but not this one. I have several french presses, a couple pour overs… my uncles stainless steel percolator (used to heat up water when camping… to make coffee in my pour over or french press.) ect. And YES, I grind my own beans…and roast them.

  8. yvonne brasgalla

    THANK YOU! My pot "WAS" sitting in the yard sale/donation pile! YIKES! Not anyone – 😁🤗👍 Thank you again, now I know WHAT to soooo! Yippeee

  9. Will Fraser

    I use my Moka daily. I have a little metal cooker I heat my milk up on. Using the element for both. (we don't have a microwave). I'm pleased to see we do basically the same thing.

  10. Nathaniel Sizemore

    Good morning Brian. Watching this reminded me of being in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. I went to a local coffee shop in a bazaar (not a tourist place, but a place the local populace went to) and managed to order Turkish coffee. The old men sitting around were watching me as they served this tiny dematas (sp?) cup of coffee. After 14 years of navy coffee in engineering, I was use to strong coffee. I drank the very delicious coffee, and ordered a second cup, asking for a larger cup. Now I do not speak Farsi, and the waiter didn't speak English, this made for some interesting communication. At one point the waiter said "Ah, Sanka!", but I got across that I wanted an American size cup of Turkish coffee. The old men were laughing down their sleeves as they saw this young, arrogant American take on this kick you in the teeth coffee. When I ordered a refill, their eyes widened. As I was drinking my third cup (I don't count that tiny sip of a first cup) the old men were laughing jovial and some money was exchanging hands (I think they were betting on my ability to handle their coffee). I was so wired for the next day. That was some of the best coffee I have ever had.


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