Bialetti Products: Moka Pots & More

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love show you a variety of Bialetti products. The Bialetti Moka Express has earned the distinction of being the world’s most popular stovetop espresso maker. Around the world, more than 120 million cups of espresso are prepared daily using the Moka Express. In addition to Moka Pots, Bialetti makes coffee presses and fun crinkled cups!Buy Bialetti here: Moka Pot (Dish),moka pots,mocha pot,italian espresso,stovetop espress,stove top espresso,bialeti,espresso makers,how to make stovetop espresso,italian espresso maker

5 Replies to “Bialetti Products: Moka Pots & More”

  1. augsburg

    Testing results I've seen on some YouTube videos shows the moka pots do not brew hotter than espresso machines. In fact, they can brew too cool.


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