4 Replies to “Bialetti Moka Pot”

  1. Marc Gaspard

    Hi I would like to add a suggestion to your product don’t know how to reach you. I bought a stainless steel moka pot. The product is fantastic and no regrets. Quality of the steel used is excellent. A small bothering issue , but is a safety hazard – in the place where the jar and lid is connected , there are very sharp edges, (the key way for lid to close) by which two of our family members got injuries couple of times. It has to be with rounded edges to avoid injuries. If I have your email id I can send pictures-

  2. ivan liera monterrubio

    Putting the water at room temperature as the video shows the coffe comes out bitter, you have to put the hot water in the bialetti.

  3. José Javier Rivera Benítez

    By the way the thumb touch the handle I must say that coffee is already cold and no one would drink like in most videos


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