Bialetti Moka Express Review and Demonstration

The moka pot is the classic and typical Italian way of making coffee at home. In this video I review the latest iteration of the Bialetti Moka Express, and demonstrate how to make coffee with this iconic coffee maker.

For more on my relationship with the Bialetti Moka Express, see


25 Replies to “Bialetti Moka Express Review and Demonstration”

  1. Miryam Hernandez

    This by far is the best video for this little pot, I looked at five or so videos and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong, without this video I probably would have taken it back after five attempts.

  2. Pete Mylonas

    Before I buy this moka pot, I use the coffee mug which is 8-8.5 I don't fill all the way up, so it's almost full. And I use the tea cup which is about 7-7.5 oz. Should I get the 4cup or 6cup?

  3. Maj. Tom

    A 4oz 'cup' …seems like a lot of grounds for what you get.☕️
    Sugar in coffee…might as well use instant.😏

  4. AngeLife

    My 2009 Moka Express has a registration mark inside. It holds 500ml. The first one I ever owned, given to me by my Italian grandfather in 1961, had a registration mark inside. Maybe you should have someone else check for you? As we age our ‘up close’ vision deteriorates, it’s called presbyopia, and just about everyone gets it in their 40s.

  5. blu fox

    I always used Lavazza fine ground and my pot got clogged and sprayed boiling coffee all over my kitchen. I tell you, getting a point blank view of Pompeii has me thinking twice but it's likely I patted it down too much. Be careful.

  6. Jeanette Hammons

    Thank-You so much for posting this Video. I love Coffee and your information and the demonstration on how to use this Coffee maker was just what I needed.

  7. Trish Fitzpatrick

    Sorry to hurt anyone's feelings but it's worth knowing that: MChef blocked his own gesture to HIS camera to indicate the level of water by pointing with his WHOLE HAND, covering the intended spot. He clearly stated that the grind is NOT supposed to powdered like espresso THEN USED ESPRESSO GRIND (which was PRINTED ON THE FRONT!), and said NOT TO TAMP DOWN the grind but TAMPED DOWN the grind! Tamping LOOSELY? Thanks for that bit of confusion.

    There's a much better video by the MokaBees that uses very good camera technique and CLEAR instruction. Is it important to have likable or kindly directions rather than ACCURATE? For ME, I want clarity. Confusion isn't helpful and those who think congratulations are in order for Peter mistake the matter. He represents himself as a chef. HOW the hell can one become a chef if the instructions are all unicorns and rainbows?! Wouldn't HE want to know EXACTLY how things are done?

    Yes, this man is OFFERING his information and, OF COURSE, I am free to go elsewhere to find better info. BUT, the most valuable asset ANY of us has is TIME! I don't think Chef Peter meant to waste mine but that doesn't mean it wasn't wasted.

  8. John Grist

    You do not have it correct. They have always had a safety valve. Since the first one they put out. Where did you get your information?

  9. Esteban Ceniceros

    Excellent presentation. After almost an entire lifetime, I decided to get one of these again. If you use non-tap water such as Lauretana from the Italian Alps, an Artesian source, you won't have the problem with calcium deposits. According to the company Bialetti, you don't tamp the coffee once in the filter and you don't fill ground coffee to the top. For best result I buy coffee beans and mill myself at home. Cheers!

  10. Scott Elmore

    @4:52 hold on there mister mister, you say you spent a lot of time looking for water level marks and that there are no water level marks I'm telling you to go see you eye doctor! There ARE water level marks! I have that exact same model/size and the marks are there (to be fair they are slight) But the advice on water levels that you give will work just fine.
    Good basic how too vid. I have use mine with regular drip coffee with good results. Do not worry about getting "OPTIMUM" results, just try different things and find what works for you.
    This brand is the best for the bang, simple, does a great job, been around for decades, very affordable, and not pretentious!
    Here's a GREAT video on the moka pot, how it's constructed, and how to use it:

  11. Angela Rodriguez

    This machine is amazing!>>> the coffee tastes great and it's very easy to master the process and functions to make the most of it. I would definitely recommend this machine, coffee became a hobby for me and I get to explore amazing coffee because of it

  12. Egon Spengler

    I heard that aluminum is a bad material for humans to consume food from. Any truth? Stainless steel should be best?

  13. attikus881

    Polished, well-spoken, very informative presentation-no wasted words. Excellent!! Really enjoyed and learned a lot. Thank you!!!


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