Bialetti Moka Express : How To Make The Best Espresso At Home The Italian Way

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Bialetti has been around since 1933 offering high quality and durable products.

In this video I have used the Bialetti Moka Express for one cup.

In five easy steps detailed in my video you can make a nice cup of coffee that resembles an Italian espresso. Pour the coffee in a large cup and add hot water to fix yourself an American size coffee.

The Moka Express should be cleaned thoroughly with lots of hot water, but no soap. In addition to the ready grinded / factory coffee, you can also use fresh beans and grind these yourself.

Below follows links to the products discussed in my video:
Bialetti Moka express:
Lavazza coffee:
Illy coffee:
Nespresso Reveal Collection glasses:

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This is my first video. I have plans to make many videos about products that suit a quality lifestyle for the modern man.

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39 Replies to “Bialetti Moka Express : How To Make The Best Espresso At Home The Italian Way”

  1. Ronplucksstrings

    Ahem…not to rain on your parade, but…that's not a tablespoon…that's not a cup of coffee (it's a coffee cup!)…that's not a funnel (it's a grounds cup and screen)…most importantly: That's not espresso you're making in your almost disgustingly dirty Bialetti…you're making coffee!

  2. Bob Morey

    I'm a doc, a neurologist. The acid in the coffee leaches the aluminum out of the pot and contributes to Alzheimer's. My significant Alzheimer's group of elderly patients and contacts made the "coffee & aluminum pot" mistake with sad results: couldn't even remember their grandchildren's names. Trash ALL aluminum cookware! Use ceramic, glass, stainless steel: anything but aluminum. Trust brain tissue profiles with Alzheimer's patients.

  3. AllAmericanGuy01

    Mokas do not make espressos. Espressos are made using high pressured brewing. This is far from high pressure.

  4. Diane Marie

    Thank you for your video! My son lives in Italy and gifted me with one of these, though not a Bialetti, from Italy.😜 Lol! And a set of espresso cups. I've had it for about a year and a half but use it once in a while, so I needed reminders of fill lines and temperature.😊 He also gave me packages of LavAzza on his last visit, which is excellent!👌 When I went to Italy in May I saw that these are used regularly in homes. As a site note, the wine is fantastic as well!😄 I ❤ Italy!

  5. Sam Martin

    Biggest fail is you used the aluminium version. Needs to be the stainless steel model for your type of cooker, so you are not getting enough heat and hence it takes 7 minutes!

  6. AntPDC

    Totally fabulous presentation. Ignore the neurotic squeaky clean freaks – their entire lives are lived in plastic bags, sterile minds, shallow outlook – think chickens are born in frozen vacuum packages.

  7. Steve Brunet

    Why does the makers, Bialetti, just says to add water (not boiled) and most people on the internet says to put boiled water in it to start…

  8. Marco Rocchio

    1. Use filtered, not tap water. 2. First boil the water in the base so you don't burn your coffee grounds. 3. Use fresh-ground recently roasted coffee, and not store-bought stale crap. 3. When the water in the base is boiling, place the coffee carrier/filter with the fresh ground coffee on the base. 4. Screw the top on the base then with an oven mitt, tighten the base to the top. 5. Put the moka pot back on the heat. 6. Let the coffee flow out like lava…just before it shoots out, remove from heat. 7. Pour into a nice demitasse cup. 8. Clean your Moka Pot!!!! after every use with water and a brush.

  9. Uno Carb

    First off toss that rusty ass pot and get a new one..second use coarse ground coffee, the sandy espresso grind clogs the pot!

  10. DeGoyen

    From gentleman to gentleman:
    Clean your Moka
    Pre-heat water so the coffe doesn't heat up
    Get a grinder and freshly roasted coffee.
    Thank me later.

  11. Voracious Reader

    Best-ever coffee I’ve ever drunk (and I am a major snob): place a ceramic cone filter on top of your mug. Line the ceramic filter with an unbleached paper filter. Measure the amount of ground coffee to suit your taste and pour it into the paper filter. Heat water to boiling, keep the heat on. Pour boiling water over coffee in the filter (I usually pour to cover my coffee grounds by a 1/2”). Place the teakettle back on the high heat to keep it boiling while the filter empties into your mug. Keep pouring boiling water until you’ve made enough for one sitting. This is thee best smelling, best tasting coffee I’ve ever had, an believe me, I’ve spect a LOT of money trying to catch the Perfect Cup. Come to find out, you don’t need a special teakettle, nor do you need to be fleeced by people who love to line their bank accounts by duping them into buying things they don’t need.

  12. Kit M

    Hi everyone, and Gadgets…I just bought one of these (3 cups) so it's brand new, and I wanted to know, what was your process to season your new one, as far as making the first few cups to throw away? Someone on a blog said to leave the coffee in the pot all day. Or is it better to make 2 or 3 in a row and toss them into the sink as soon as they have boiled on the stove. Also, I was concerned about the aluminum but decided to give it a try anyway since the science on health effects seems inconclusive. Just thought I'd put that out there.

  13. Yanos1991

    You do NOT press the coffee in a bialetti can! instead you have to make a whole hill of coffee (la montagniella). Because a Bialetti has not the extreme pressure a barista machine has.

  14. Shane Funk

    I love that. I never knew. My goodness you would not believe the years I have gone and never knew how to use one of those things. I'm getting sick and tired of every question my feeble little mind ever wanted to ask being answered on youtube that I had forgot to search. Wow.


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