Bialetti Moka Express – A Cinematic Review

Whattup guys,

Here’s a quick look at how I use the Bialetti Moka Express espresso maker to make my cup of coffee every morning.

Enjoy your coffee!

Sony RX100 iii

‘Young Summer’ – Josh Leake

Premiere Pro

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13 Replies to “Bialetti Moka Express – A Cinematic Review”

  1. Edulin do

    Buen video, desearía que con mi Volturno pudiera hacer un verdadero expreso. Quiero decir lo muelo de forma precisa con el Hario pero supongo que la Volturno no se compara con la original Bialetti.

    Hi I think you shouldn't press down the coffee, but instead fill it completely, and the result should feel like a real expreso with lot of foam.
    I like the video, and the music.

  2. akbar19942k10

    Hey Sophie, just wanted to say I loved the whole videography of the vid! I just bought the same Moka pot yesterday and I can't wait for it to arrive now. I was looking for loads of videos to see how much coffee the 2 cup produces and your vid gave me exactly what I was looking for! Deffo subscribing (:


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