Bialetti Brikka Moka Pot (2 cups) Brewing Demo

Brikka Creamy Expresso Demo

1. fill the heater unit with heated water up to the notch inside;
2. fill the filter with ground coffee (adequate fine);
3. assemble two parts;
4. heat Brikka with medium power on electric hob;

1. coffee first coming up after 30s heating;
2. creamy froth form at 78s after heating



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6 Replies to “Bialetti Brikka Moka Pot (2 cups) Brewing Demo”

  1. james mckoy

    it has a weight which prevents coffee flowing immediately into the top chamber as it would with a normal moka pot. The pressure builds which improves extraction of the coffee. It tries to simulate to a certain degree what an espresso machine does. When the pressure builds sufficiently it forces the weight up and allows the coffee to flow into the bowl.
    The grind is the most important factor, too fine and it will not build pressure very well, poor crema and too fine it will over extract.

  2. Gretsche87

    I wish mine actually worked properly. I have to manually pull up on the pressure release otherwise mine will brew for over five minutes and then it will rupture everywhere. How long does yours brew before it's ready?

  3. Chi-Han Chiang

    @TheSweetalchemist There are so many variances influencing the quality, such as heating sources, heating power, brewing time, amount of coffee dosing (grind factors), type of coffee bean…etc. I can't tell you how exactly to make a good one, but in my experiences I would said the most important one is brewing time. Don't over extract it, then you can make a acceptable and not bad shot.! Hope my answer is helpful! 🙂


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