Bialetti Brikka Espresso crema Self-construction foam system Englisch

Barista Shop Marcutti :

Here still the link for the VALVE in the my Bialetti cafe. Video Englisch.

Self-construction coffee foam system.
I used a non-return valve on my Bialetti Original to improve the coffee foam.
The non-return valve regulates the counterpressure to create a perfect foam.
Self-construction foam system.
Bialetti Brikka – How to prepare perfect espresso crema. Must see.

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21 Replies to “Bialetti Brikka Espresso crema Self-construction foam system Englisch”

  1. Mina Ashraf

    What is the item ge put it inside the Moka pot I can't recognized what is it? Can any body tell me about it ? And if there is any other recommendation to make this great espresso foam please tell me

  2. Magdy Esmail

    ممكن أعرف القطعة إللى ركبها فى الماكينة اجيبها ازاى علشان الوش القهوه

  3. Tejas Khairnar

    When he inserted one direction value. I thought thats cool idea and another second thought came to my mind WHAT IF. Red the comment and rest is history. Be safe

  4. Pandabaer Hellas

    Absolutley insane/crazy!
    Good idea, but DANGEROUS!
    The big gasket is not made to support this high pressure! Only a few bar, that comes from ground coffee, not nearly 15 bar. The overpressurevalve on the side of the watercompartement will be treated to the maximum and could easily fail.
    So potential of failure 2 times.
    And the spraying coffee on the top may also burn you.
    Better keep away from this bomb.


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