Best of Latte Art

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22 Replies to “Best of Latte Art”

  1. Christela Elizabeth Varghese

    so creativee n inspiring..n interestingggg arts…hats off to uuu dritan..i hv been trying mny f yors..hoping to vsit der n hav d bst one soon..

  2. yodelingsaviour

    Hi i'm a new barista in training, thank you for putting up your videos, i have been browsing youtube for some latte art videos and found your channel, i must say your latte art is inspiring, i hope one day to come and learn from you 😊

  3. Zita Ajtonyi

    I could watch all day the way you do this Dritan 🙂 ……can't wait to open my coffeshop to practise more and do this all day, every day! I think I am obsessed with coffee and Latte Art! 😀 😀 😀


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