Best latte Art Show

In 2015 I was invited to Taiwan and found this young and very talented Barista, who really amazed me with her Latte Art skills.

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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33 Replies to “Best latte Art Show”

  1. Michael Walters

    Dritan, will you come to Austin, TX in the USA? I work at Texas Coffee traders, a roaster. you were my inspiration to start working there!

  2. Sannu Bhai99

    Hii Barista
    Very beautiful coffee
    I am from Mumbai India
    I am saplayer hotels cafe chairs and tables my contact WhatsApp nmbr +91 9967849571

  3. Andrei

    Can anyone help me ? I Have a decent espresso machine on which i started recently. I get nice crema on my espresso but i`m having full extraction within 15 seconds…if i get the coffee thinner i`ll just get drops of coffee and won`t pour properly. Can i simply let it drop for like 25 seconds ? Also i don`t have a proper puck when i eliminate the coffe from the portafilter on top is a bit watery and bottom is like a brick i need to scoop it out. Thank you ! Have a great day!

  4. FootPain123

    I will just pretend to pour chocolate milk and milk to make it look like a latte but what do they taste like really?

  5. ORA ORA


  6. Shaye Peters

    So, I'm very good at visually copying something, and I've only just started pursuing latte art the last week, and I must say, compared to the many other videos, their movements are much more exaggerated, although their hands a steady. They have been doing this for years

  7. Korey Cunningham

    I wanna learn to be like this and start my own coffee shop but I'm still in high school equipment is expensive rn I'm saving up for some equipment


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