Best Coffee on the Trail Series – nCamp Cafe Moka Pot

Best Coffee on the Trail Series – nCamp Cafe Moka Pot

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24 Replies to “Best Coffee on the Trail Series – nCamp Cafe Moka Pot”

  1. GJAN

    1. If the perk is sputtering too much, try turning the heat down.
    2. If you want to more gently preheat the water so that it isn't impacting the grounds, just use a lower heat to start.
    3. if it's too strong, use less grounds.

  2. Always An Adventure Luna

    Nice color on that brew, if it taste good then it's a win. Good start to the series, I'll be looking forward to the next one.

  3. Chip Kormas

    Great video, I agree something for car camping. My first introduction to Cuban Coffee was with one of these. Lots of sugar and condensed milk. Looking forward to the next test and more discussion on how to make great coffee.

  4. steve bednarchik

    Looks like a viable item for a car camping trip. The guys would give me sh*t if I pulled that outta my pack😂
    Interested to see if you’ll review Alpine Start-I just picked up the coconut cream blend and thought it was crazy strong.

  5. Paul Blackburn

    What coffee beans do you get? I make french press coffee with dark roasted whole beans. Koffee Kult are really good beans.

  6. Brett Thomas

    Thanks for the review.. I agree it fits into a car camping box, not a backpack.. I'd say this is probably equivalent to an Acrylic French press (as far as size, clean up and probably quality of brew.. I haven't tried one). Two thoughts… if your carrying this, might as well bring a hand grinder and grind your beans fresh.. And regarding disposing of your grounds on the trail.. seems to me coffee grounds are 100% plant material and could easily be buried without harm in most areas.

  7. John Kelley

    I've been curious about Moka Pots ever since the first time you talked about it. I might consider getting one for car camping now. Great video!

  8. CC-Coder

    Good Joe, I mean Mark. Couple good options there. I switched to a stronger blend and finer ground to make my own coffee bags. They take less time to steep and less coffee grounds per bag than the one's I sent to you. Heading up to Canada next week for some hiking and camping, will give some of your choices a try.

  9. RViscara

    How many times do you have to say “let’s get this going” then merely to start talking all over again. Aeropress a lot smaller a lot easier and lighter


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