28 Replies to “Barista Work Flow”

  1. Timotej Zmajkovic

    This guy: Freaking defying time and space making 15 milk drinks in 10 minutes.
    Meanwhile me: Barely managing to pull one double shot with a hand grinder and a manual machine in 10 minutes.

  2. Zjaan Meyer

    You guys are always so quiet. But so nice and relaxing to just watch and enjoy. Coffee speaks a thousand words I guess. =)


    🌸Grüße aus Philadelphia! Top Quality and Work-Flow, Dritan! Super!!! Love the machine and the wood-theme. Very beautiful!!! Glad the curbside coffee pickup is running and business is good! Seit Jahren schon verfolge ich jetzt deinen/euren Channel und wenn ich wieder in D-Town bin und in GER, komm' ich vorbei ✌️

  4. Marshall Goldberg

    Amazing! But you could never do this in America, because the first guy wants Almond Milk with decaf, the second wants Oak Milk No Foam with three shots and almond syrup splash, the third guy wants….


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