Barista Tutorial Live Part 4: Latte art with different kind of pitchers

Latte Art techniques & Barista Skills

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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34 Replies to “Barista Tutorial Live Part 4: Latte art with different kind of pitchers”

  1. Dwika Febrianto

    I finally knew it how he did it. You have to do 100 push up every day for at least 4 years to get that precise control and near zero unnecessary agitation hands Dritan has

  2. Franz Sinnesberger

    Hey wieder ein extrem tolles Video! Ich liebe die Maschine die dritan verwendet, leider kann ich nicht erkennen welche es ist, könnt ihr es mir sagen? Danke

  3. Yasemin Meral

    Hallo Dritan, ich habe eine Delonghi Dedica Espressomaschine (mit Cappuccino funktion) ich brauche aber noch die richtige Milchaufschäumkanne. Reicht eine 350ml aus für Latte Art? Welche würdest du empfehlen? 😊

  4. radziahradzi

    Hi, is the spout shape important? I'm beginner and just bought ikea jug, the spout is not pointy, but more flat. So far I've tried, maybe 20 tries but I didn't get to pour any art. Just circle,no love and when trying to pull through its thick

  5. Andrei

    Can anyone help me ? I Have a decent espresso machine on which i started recently. I get nice crema on my espresso but i`m having full extraction within 15 seconds…if i get the coffee thinner i`ll just get drops of coffee and won`t pour properly. Can i simply let it drop for like 25 seconds ? Also i don`t have a proper puck when i eliminate the coffe from the portafilter on top is a bit watery and bottom is like a brick i need to scoop it out. Thank you ! Have a great day!

  6. eliii

    Does pitch for cappucinno? i use Breville BES870XL and can only make frothing for latte not you think if i change the pitcher size will affect.previously i had Nesspreso machine i can get more than 2cm frothing

  7. Björn Peters

    Well for this basic latte art may be the pitcher is not so important (if you are an experienced barista). I recommend to take a look at Jibbi Little and her latte art to get an impression. This is a whole other latte art world. In that league the pitcher does matter I guess.

  8. N F

    Hello Dritan, great stuff. How well does the milk steam with a Toroid shaped jug? Didn't see it in the video. Thanks

  9. Neville Chapman

    These videos are so authentic and lets not forget sooooooo helpful. The blokes enthusiasm combined with his "hey this isn't rocket science" approach is such good viewing.. Thank You. I love everyone else in the vids too.

  10. Сережа Black

    Good afternoon!
    I am a novice barista, I am very useful to your lessons and experience.
    You are a professional in your business, it's very cool. Could you give me some advice?

  11. Excell Winarta

    Hi! After watching your video, I think the one you bought in Asia is called Barista Gear. It's a Taiwan brand and it has nice handle. I also use that jug. Cheers! 🙂

  12. Pau Strange

    I just got a milk pitcher that is almost the exact one as the one Dritan said he started to work with… I was a little worried that maybe I wasn't gonna be able to make good latte art but now I'm relieved that it can work as long as I practice!

  13. M4tth3wh

    Thank you Dritan and Mariette for this video. Appreciate this demonstration showing that you don't need an expensive milk jug to do great latte art. It's been good learning helpful techniques from watching these videos. Thanks again. Matt

  14. Santoso Mustika

    Wow…abselutely awsome..great tutorial man..its very useful for me..even I'm not barista, but I ever got training in my office..I really apriciate it..Thanks for your kindness to spend your time to make this video..

  15. vica wang

    Hi,Dritan!Thanks for your great tutorial. Could you show us how to make two lattes at the same time?I feel confused about the skill of dividing the milk foam equally into two cups of lattes. Thanks you very much!


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