Barista Tutorial Live Part 3: Latte Art Basics – Heart, Rosetta, Tulip!

In my 3rd Facebook Live Tutorial I’m showing you how to pour some Latte Art Basics. If you want to fully master Latte Art at some point, you must be able to control the basic patterns (Heart, Rosetta and Tulip) first. Only if you master those, you should move on to more difficult patterns. More tips in the live video 🙂

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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25 Replies to “Barista Tutorial Live Part 3: Latte Art Basics – Heart, Rosetta, Tulip!”

  1. Katie Ko

    Hi, can you advise what should be grind setting for a latte? I have a Breville coffee machine and its hard to figure out what number should I use to have the perfect Carmel color of coffee not dark and burned. Thank you

  2. Maria Perdigon

    sorry guys, but the camera makes me dizzy looking at this video, i’m sure you know how to make good coffees , but making this video needs a lot of improvement, audio is bad as well

  3. Jason

    Ahh I love you guys! This guy truly loves what he does and its so amazing! I'd love to visit your cafe sometime in the near future when I travel over there!

  4. Arthur Garcia

    OMG how silly of me!! This whole time I've been tilting the cup away from me when it should be the opposite. It's no wonder I couldn't manage the art latte well enough. This dedicated fella showed details that I was able to see clearly. Gracias Amigo!!👌👏

  5. B. Gün.

    Alter dieser Typ schafft das im Minuten Takt Akkordarbeit, no problem. Ich bin am 3 Wochen am trainieren kriege nicht mal ein Herz hin 😭😭😭

  6. Lan Wang

    wish I can get one of those latte. Thank you so much for your help. all day I just watch your video and keep trying.

  7. jay renner

    Verbesserungsvorschlag: Die Frau redet leider viel zu viel… und lässt ihn gar nicht ausreden auf deutsch. Wäre schön, wenn weniger, aber dafür präziser erklärt wird. Trotzdem ein schönes Video! Gruß

  8. Dere Dere

    I started to be a part-time barista with no passion at all
    Until I found you guys
    My passion for being a great barista is burning
    Thanks to Dritan Thank you to lovely Mariette who explain everything in English 😊😊
    Thank you for your caring in teaching us
    No more words to say except Thank You So Much

  9. Gcypher Dancebeast

    What's the right distance between the coffee and the pitcher? And is it a must the milk should be poured clockwise?

  10. Wimmer Jürgen

    would it be better to use a jug with a thin spout for detailed art like to use a thin brush on canvas for more detailed scenes?

  11. Vernon Lazaro

    Great video, enjoyed watching this.What are the sizes of the cups and the milk pitchers that Dritan was using? Also, are those all double-shots or single-shots?

  12. Javo

    Hi, what can I do if I have a double basket and I just want a single espresso, do I need to waste the other espresso or put less coffee or water I don't know


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