Barista Tutorial Live Part 2 – How to steam different kinds of the milk

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In this live tutorial I’m showing you how to steam the milk with a professional espresso machine. I’m using different kinds of milk, from skim milk with 0,1% fat content up to whole milk with 3,5% fat content as well as lactose-free or soy milk to demonstrate and prove that you can really use any kind of milk you prefer. The steaming technique stays the same and pouring latte art is possible with all of them. It’s simply a matter of taste preference.

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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30 Replies to “Barista Tutorial Live Part 2 – How to steam different kinds of the milk”

  1. Va B

    I use lactose-free organic whole milk. It’s perfect because everyone can drink it, and it tastes sweeter than other milks (because lactose is broken into two different glucids)

  2. Wenhan Wu

    If you are asked to make only one cup of latte or flat white (require less foam), do you still use the same way to steam the milk?

  3. rdg515

    Can you say how many grams of coffee grounds you use and how much espresso it yields for each of your shots please?

    Thank you for the great detail!

  4. Wind Chan

    Thanks for your sharing, one question, can you steam eggnog milk for latte art? I tried twice, but failed…..

  5. Ey Gn

    first steaming milk in the jug can make 1cuppucino and 1 latte,right? cause at first you got more foam at the first pouring, but you throw the first pouring to another jug then you make 1 latte, then you take it back the milk that you threw before to make 1 more latte,question:can you still name it latte on the second pouring with the cappucino foam (the thickness of the foam)? Thanks Dritan

  6. Vida Aurelia

    I am using Iberital IB7 coffee machines and i used soy milk to steam. But i couldn't make latte art because the foam is too much. But it's microfoam tho. It's just the foam already going in to the espresso from the beginning. Where's my mistake?

  7. Francescolux

    is it possible to froth the milk with French press even tho is low fat milk? i got too much foam, i think is about fat content, not creamy but foamy(lactose free milk).

  8. Huda Ghassan

    Thank you so much… You said that the taste is what matter and i did not like soya milk and almond milk taste. I have told that cashew milk is better because it is creamer and not affect the taste.. Could you please try it as a latte and tell me about the taste? Your opinion is important to me because you are an expert…. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase

  9. Mario Vena

    Cooles Video, wie immer!
    Wenn Du die Milch schäumst und den Pitcher dabei in der Hand hältst bewegst Du ihn nach unten, wenn die Milch an Volumen gewinnt?
    Und wieviel Schaum bzw. wie dick muss der Schaum auf nem Cappuccino mindestens sein?

  10. Neville Chapman

    You've basically answered all my coffee questions and then some. Thank you, if I'm ever in germany I'm making a point of visiting your coffee shop mate. All the best from Manchester.

  11. Ken

    Dritan, you are a legend! I wish I can learn more from you 🙂 I keep making mistake when trying to split the milk whether that is for Flat White, Latte or Cappuccino.


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