Barista Tutorial: How to steam the milk

“How to texture the milk not only for pouring latte art but for making my milk-based Espresso drinks delicious?” This is by far one of the most popular questions that I receive.

Thus, in this very first tutorial, Mariette and I are showing you how.

Step 1: Fill the jug half of its volume with cold fresh milk. You can use any type of milk, yet I prefer using milk with 3.5% fat content.

Step 2: Flush your steam wand to get rid of residues and condensated water

Step 3: Place the tip of the steam wand right on top of the surface of your milk. As a beginner, it helps to have the wand in a straight angle, alongside the side of the milk jug.

Step 4: Start with full power right away, adding air into your milk (sucking noise). Depending on the power of your steamer, you might want to add more or less air. In general: The more air you add, the more foam you’ll get.

Step 5: After adding the air, make sure you start swirling the milk by placing the tip of the wand just right underneath the surface of the milk. It helps to have the wand alongside one side of the jug. That way, you can create a nice swirl or “wave”. This is really important because you want the air you inserted in the beginning to be nicely blended with the milk in order to create the desired microfoam. Attention: Don’t add any more air at this point!

Step 6: You want a final milk temperature to be between 60-68C°. Any higher and you start buring the milk, giving it a burned flavour plus less sweeter taste. Either check the temperature with your hands, or if you are a beginner, use a thermometer. But even then, always feel the temperature with your hands so you learn how the ideal temperature feels like.

Step 7: Clean the wand with a cloth and flush again.

You’re ready to pour! 🙂

STAY TUNED for more tutorials to come! Thanks for your support!


In this tutorial I used my milk jug, which you can find here:

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42 Replies to “Barista Tutorial: How to steam the milk”

  1. Isid Vojka

    Përshendetje Dritan. E kisha pare kte video dhe me përpara po nuk e pashe Emrin. Une se shpejti do filloj pune ne nji bar ku bëhen shume cappuccino dhe video tutorialet e tua me siguri do me ndihmojne shum. Bye

  2. adam casbah

    I am going to open a coffee shop and I would like to know what is the espresso machine that you guys use or what you recommend me to buy for my coffee shop. Thanks

  3. technical gadget guru

    whats mixture inside the cup…..i make cofee and suger 3 drop of water and mixed it up…tgen put milk …..but the problem is if i wanted to make more foam then that's make my coffe sweet that i dont want….please help how i make more foam without adding more suger??😕😕😕

  4. A Fera

    Dritan, greetings from New york. How about a video on how to make the perfect shot of espresso. The process you go to find the perfect grind and extraction and what signs to look for in order to make the best espresso shot

  5. Kev Loanzon

    Hi sir dritan love your videos! One question i want to clarify the temperature of milk? The 140dg is when you can't hold the pitcher if ur steam milk?

  6. Katzen jammer

    I get all the correct noises – but end up with foam on top of milk and thin milk below.. even when i whirlpool..

  7. rachparov

    Hey there, i'm using whole milk and the french press to create foam, i do get foam however when i pour it to the coffee it never goes beneath the coffee, never mixes
    and most of the time leave the white cream on top of the coffee, is the foam responsible of that or am i just doing it wrong after i do the foam? Thanks.

  8. Bin

    Hi Dritan, I'm one of your fans in Australia. I got crazy about your latte art and bought a nanopresso and bellman milk steamer CX 25S with a double hole nozzle. However I failed to make a perfect texture, may I know whether you use single hole milk wand tip or multiple holes. I was wondering if you could suggest me to a better position to steam for double hole nozzle if I follow your milk texturing method. I'd prefer your steaming method that is the easiest method among others. Cheers!

  9. Tanzeel Kayani

    assalamualikum sir hope so u fine sir i want job of barista in your cafe m little barista please help me

    my conact num +923473173385

  10. Zozo Sami

    Hello. I want to ask you to buy like the machine you are working on, how much does it cost? And where do I get it? Is there a particular company I would be grateful for if you answered me?

  11. laura53ize

    So I have a question Dritan . I want to get my tools but my budget it’s not very high so I hear from another Barista to get a high quality coffee grinder and a espresso machine for a razonable price.
    So what would be your advice? I want to start from scratch like a lol coffe place.

  12. Super Strada

    Dritan seems to be a bit camera-shy and very serious; We love him for that! 😊 He shouldn't change. The tutorial was EXCELLENT. I am a home Barista (my wife demands a great coffee) and thanks to you both I am getting better every day. Keep up the good work, you are an amazing duo, can't wait for the next tutorial. ☕️

  13. Степан Клещевников

    Dritan, hello
    I live in Russia. I would like to invite you to write subtitles in Russian for your video, I think it will be useful. Contact me if interested)

  14. Aria Seraj

    The biggest question.. How much is enough to froth the milk for a latte ? in the other word how do we know it's time to swirl the milk rather than inserting air


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