40 Replies to “Barista Training: Milk steaming & Latte Art”

  1. Gunnar Rojas Choque

    Thank you Dritan, and thanks to you Mariette for making him do these videos.

    I had to watch some parts of the video again to understand about steming milk, whether or not your machine has power, or using a small pitcher and that stuff, after thinking of what you explained, and after watching your other videos I figured it out how it works !

    I have an Ascaso dream PID and it doesn't have much power in the stem, so I tried a lot, and it finally worked thanks to you Dritan.

    I follow since 2018, and I always dreamed about getting an expresso machine, and make some coffee the way you do, after 3 years I am able to do that.

    The Dritan auto steam technich works !, I practice with cold water and a little bit of milk in order to not waste milk, and idea that I got from a video that you have,
    I don't know how to pay you back, you really helped me a lot.
    I'm from Bolivia, so coffee from Bolivia whenever you want
    Thanks ..

  2. David Williams

    Thank you both for the great video!
    Really appreciate your effort to speak in English Dritan.
    It is very inspiring to watch someone that loves what they do.

  3. Никита Стюгов

    Very cool video! For a second, I thought your fiancee was from Russia, a very familiar type of English!

  4. Jacek Jacek

    Thanks for next great video.. 👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️

  5. Unfairwarning

    The issue with many baristas is they are trained a way to do something specifically, and each cafe is different, with different steam wand, pressure, etc. Thank you for being so open minded and giving people the tools to create and forget. Set it and forget it… Use your body to create lattes, not your head. In a busy cafe you will mess up by thinking too much haha!

  6. chonky_milks

    "want to be a barista? Don't think, just do it?"
    5 minutes later I start pouring cold milk into the shot 😂

  7. Dennis Moskovitz

    Great lesson on steaming milk. Thanks and keep up the wonderful videos! Oh, and what is the brand of tamping mat?

  8. Flavio Inzunza

    Wooow it’s work. I just put it without any angle. 4 holes 2bar from lelit Bianca and works. Better steamed milk ever. Thanks a lot. I was sick of all videos mentioned how steam milk.

  9. Pat Tuazon

    You’re right I am scared of the steamwand and the milk haha 🙈 thank you for teaching us how to texture milk like learning how to bike with 4 wheels 🥰 i learned a lot! and congratulations on your pregnancy 💕

  10. Adam Hartman

    I love watching these videos because it makes it better that it’s harder for him to speak English because it forces you to truly watch what he’s doing because there’s not as much explanation! Idk if that makes sense to a lot of people but I like it quite a bit for that reason

  11. Derek Chauvin

    How do you avoid building a dependency to coffee?

    I cannot feel anything from 4 shots of espresso anymore, I have been forced to increase it to 6 shots of espresso every morning now.


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