Barista Training

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44 Replies to “Barista Training”

  1. anthony butto

    That is amazing, almost at the end I was definitely cheering you on to keep going not to stop, Well done. If you are this quick and you love your work so much, for your milk, If you have a big back yard you can have a couple of cows in a barn to keep you going throughout the whole day? At least the grass dose not need trimming. That can save you money on oil and petrol. If I get too experienced I may need a couple of cows myself. I know you have to pay them for milking them also, ah, is it safe.

  2. Akinlosose Oluwagbotemi Joshua

    am a Trainee always watch ur videos, thanks for the tutorial, ure excellent and very fast.

  3. Tyrakz

    Nice art man, you are very talented but that is a shit amount of waste… I think that with 2 or 3 coffees was enough, no no, "he's running out of space on the table" 2000 liters of milk wasted bro.

  4. Michael Schultze

    I love it. And how simple it looks …. I try it over and over … but he milk doesn't flow so …
    What I don't understand at all: the steam is so incredibly long in the milk, it would have to boil, wouldn't it?

  5. Schlengel02

    I‘ve bought a real barista Machine recently and the coffe is just amazing. But im just not getting that latte art… which milk with how much fat are you using usually?
    Thanks in advance👌🏼✌🏼

  6. Jenzel Ria

    Me mate, Phil is opening up a barista in his fish and chip shop. He says watching this is all I need to to know, and it pays $5 an hour. I dunno

  7. дима бантя

    с таким количеством робустры любой лох сможет рисовать на таком полотне

  8. MrRodut

    Hi , can you tell me how many grams do you use for your coffee ? Everybody talks about the milk , no one about that espresso …

  9. sticksen

    Hey Dritan,
    wozu wird die Milch umgeschüttet? Um dann im Pitcher wirklich nur noch den Schaum zu haben? Schadet dass der Milch nicht, wenn sie x mal wieder aufgewärmt wird?

    Viele Grüße!

  10. Анна Прокопенко

    Это просто потрясающе красивый вид искусства!)))✨😍


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