Barista skills & latte art techniques with my beautiful machine. Love it❤️

Hey guys, I will tell you why this machine is very important to me. When I started my own coffee shop in April 2008 I started with this machine. I found it in Italy for free and I repaired it myself because I didn`t have any money for a new machine. All that I have today I have this beauty to thank for it. Three years ago my dreams came true and I bought my Lever Machine. Last year, a friend of mine restored this beauty as a gift for my birthday, and I put it in the best place in my school. Here she is again for a few days in her old place. I am very happy to share this emotional moment with you. #passionmakeseverythingpossible

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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38 Replies to “Barista skills & latte art techniques with my beautiful machine. Love it❤️”

  1. Francisco Lozano

    They say hello where your coffee directions. You are an example to follow. I admire you too much and I am passionate about coffee, I want to taste your coffee and if it is possible to take a picture with you.

  2. mastermaiksen

    Hy Dritan,
    wie groß sind denn typischerweise deine Cappuccino Tassen für Latte Art? 180ml oder 200ml? Gruß, Maik

  3. Mary Ellis

    Hi i have a question i have a La Spaziale S5 Compact Tall cup and every 90 seconds a solenoid kicks in it makes a noise like filling water or boiling water this lasts for about 15 seconds then the solenoid clicks off this happens every 90 odd seconds is that normal? now this is happening when the machine is idle and not been used as my cousin has it in his office so its not getting heavy use but its rather annoying

  4. Neville Chapman

    Dritan mate, what a great story. Nothing worthwhile is easy, unless of course you have a passion for it. More power to you smiler.
    My lad is in Dusseldorf this year, any chance you'll sell him a 1/2 kilo of you coffee……………? Please…………. mate

  5. Vetaia Saqasere

    Amazing!! This Legend right here got me attached to espresso.. I have seen a lot of milk frothing technique, but this frothing two sets at once, WOW JUST WOW!!!…. Vinaka Valevu(Thank You) Sir Dritan.

  6. Luben Z

    That machine looks so good. But in the latest live streams i see you went back to the lever machine. Was that not as good, or just slower to work with?

  7. jean chacin

    Hi dritan, what's machine model is that? got some name? i have one like that, but i din't know how to search it on internet! thanks ! (Beautiful machine bro! )


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