Barista Skills & Latte Art Techniques

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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46 Replies to “Barista Skills & Latte Art Techniques”

  1. Ho KH

    Is an Art Gift……….the concentration of his focusing on every single Latte is everyone should learn from, not only in Coffee maker but apply on any other industries e.g. sports players, artist performance, factory workers, students & everyone who wants to be a winner.

  2. Andrew Head

    Can anybody tell me why he is taking the first one or two ounces off the top of the milk?
    Is he doing that too reincorporate it? Does it get steamed again?

  3. Alex Clarke

    What machine are you using? I work with a Sanremo RS and have to manually weigh each dose and time the extraction to ensure the best flavour. Does your machine do that automatically?

  4. Enrico Mori

    Not bad but you can do better, I'm melbourne based right now and here pretty much every barista can do that, you should try some new patterns like swan,double swan etc.. plus if a few patterns you broke the cream and I'd honestly pour further from the edges while making very nice coffe machine

  5. Željko Barišić

    Very nice work!The consistency in quality is amazing! Now im intereted in how many cups do you make in one shift 🙂

  6. Mohamad Jamali

    Hi, I have a question i made with French presses the milk foam. Why can not made art milk quickly on the coffee 😚😚

  7. Justin B

    A well oiled machine holy chit. That's a sweet machine as well. Name of it?

    Also, why do you constantly pour milk into the 5 different pitchers?

  8. Elizabeth du Plessis

    I'm soooo impressed!! Im sure u can do this with your eyes closed!! Truly a professional! U give coffee-art a whole new meaning. Well done!!

  9. Heidi Peters

    I just was hired to train as a barista at a fantastic privately owned cafe near Chicago– I have tended bar but am hoping I can keep my cool and be as artful as you are someday… I start next week. Eeek ! 😉 love this video, thanks for sharing!


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