Barista Skills and Latte Art Techniques by Barista Dritan Alsela

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Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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43 Replies to “Barista Skills and Latte Art Techniques by Barista Dritan Alsela”

  1. Marvin Cabueños

    Does anyone got any tips on wiggling?im new to latte art,i can do some but im still bothered,maybe coz how oli froath or i dont get a good espresso shot

  2. adriatik Adriatik

    libe Dritan pershendetje bej dicka ose fol dicka per kombin e vogel shqiptar…te kuptoj kjo esht pun por njerzve ju pelqen edhe pokitik eshe istori shtojen fansat..

  3. Rodrigo Rocha Coutinho

    Thanks for sharing! I am still on learning and trying to make wonderful coffees for our clients in Kharkov, Ukraine!

  4. Richel Eulin

    wow what amazing latte art techniques video!it really helpful and inspired me a lot practicing such awesome art of urs☺love it so much!

  5. Simeon Bower

    +Dritan Alsela Very nice latte art. What type of milk jug do you use and what is the best way to control the milk while pouring. I got a motta milk just 450ml off eBay the other day and I'm having trouble controlling the milk, i don't get any foam come out. what am i doing wrong. Good art keep it up your amazing.

  6. Going South

    We have beautiful tall mugs im our tea room, once i pour milk in creme is burried so no chance of coffee art, is it only possible with wider cups?


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