25 Replies to “Barista Skills”

  1. Johan Rutherhagen

    Hello Dritan. Do you always steam all the milk at the same time for a big, varying order like this? Do you use the same batch of steamed milk for such different types of coffee drinks as cappuccino and flat white, (as seen in this clip)? What is the difference between those two coffee drinks in your café? Kind regards, Johan.

  2. millargh

    Put this guy in any good quality coffee shop and he won’t last 6 months, absolute fraud, no quality or precision.

  3. Вячеслав Раков

    Hi, Dritan!
    New machine, new glasses… (Are they so good?)
    New age for Dritan's Coffee.
    But one thing is the same.
    The hands of the barista, and his crew!👍
    Good luck!

  4. Casey Zaft

    What brand espresso machine are you using now Dritan? Why did you depart from the Vibiemme Reolica piston driven?


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