Barista life: Roasting & Cupping

Coffee Roasting and Coffee Cupping
Next to my passion for preparing cofffee, I also focus on Roasting and Cupping, and I love it! These two steps prior to making the coffee, is what makes my “Barista life” complete.

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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22 Replies to “Barista life: Roasting & Cupping”

  1. Mario Vena

    Tolles video!
    Wie viel Gramm Kaffee und wie viel ml Wasser nimmt man?
    Ich fange gerade mit cupping an und dachte an 15g Kaffee in einer 180ml Tasse.

  2. Obediamus

    I just love your expressions and you look really enjoy your carrier..

    Theres not many people out there has the same personality as you :')

  3. senior barista 87

    hopeyou can make tutorial how to do cupping and what grind size you use and how many minute before you take out the bubble from the coffee

  4. Uzair Hanif

    was waiting for new video upload.. it had been a while..
    so self roasting coffee tasting better than the one you use to buy pre roasted?

  5. Zita Ajtonyi

    Great Dritan! I always get excited when my phone tells me that a new video is available from you. You inspire a lot of people all over the world! Could you make a video with explanation of cupping process? That would be great… I think many of us would be interested about it! Thanks! 😊

  6. Philippe Carphin

    Very nice production of the video but I would almost have preferred an iphone camera just following you around while you do your stuff and talk about random coffee related things.

  7. Dritan Alsela

    Guys, I hope you enjoy the video! It's the first showing me going through the steps of roasting and cupping.
    I'm happy to receive your feedback 🙂


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