Barista Life

Latte Art techniques & Barista Skills

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40 Replies to “Barista Life”

  1. Oliver Osmany Ramírez Garcia

    Model and brand of this coffe machine?, by the way you are amazing, well done!!!! And hello from El Salvador…

  2. Artemij Kazarinov

    Hello! Can you tell me what is mane of this cofeemaker machine? It is reliable? This is company have a mschine with 1 "hand"?

  3. Silvermist Luna

    Oh my god Dritan is so amazing to look at in action. Wow it is so satisfying . Touch wood . God Bless Dritan

  4. Richard Rañada

    I like your four group head machine. Got the chance to use only two heads. ‘💪🏼Love to watch a true barista in action!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  5. El canal de Jago

    hola en unos dias estare estudiando servicio de barismo, me encanta la vida de un barista y me encanta mas la historia y proceso del café
    saludos desde colombia.

  6. ป้า เล็ก พาเที่ยว Alex

    Hi I alway watch video I 'm 55 year old and I learn to be
    new barista you so cool

  7. Ignacio Baron

    U are Mr good attitude! I like that!. Thanks for teaching us how to do a good work in a place full of customers. I really enjoy watching your videos. 😉

  8. Enigma 01

    Dritan, you are a true inspiration. You must be so tired at the end of the day …. love your smile … love to watch you at work. Bravissimo !

  9. Arno Broekhoven

    Hi Distan , I visited your place last September with my wife from Seattle, WA. We loved great atmosphere, of course great espresso and food. Just curious what brand coffee grinders you use? Hope to see in September again. Happy New Year!


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