Barista in action

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Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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42 Replies to “Barista in action”

  1. Anam Shaikh

    Hi … also barista right now m working with urth cafe in saudi (RIYADH)…
    But we dont have a milk pitcher like u …can u please suggest me how or from where i can buy this type of milk pitcher…my whatsup number is +918898973046.

  2. Misstatianaitaliana

    whipping out twenty cups in one sitting, latte art flawless. no big deal, day in the life of Dritan A

  3. Alex O'Connell

    Could someone please tell me why he keeps tipping out milk and what not? I'd love to make some more complicated patterns but it seems like my cup always runs out of room before the pattern is finished.

  4. gabbie cruz

    Man this reminds me of how I became a Coffee-holic when I was young Good times every school year I got to school while secretly buying Coffee in the Cafe shop


    can u explain what are you exactly doing with milk? mixing new hot milk to keep it warm, than throw few milk, than again taking to throw half? 😀

  6. cihangir karakus

    you are really Superstar. i did also barista course and I watched all your Videos, Now i can say i can do also some from you.Thanks for Videos and Lessons 🙂

  7. Martha Lopez

    I would love to go to that coffee shop! I am a barista myself but you are like the super star all baristas!!!


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