Barista Dritan Alsela – Latte Art

In this Video, I’m sharing some impressions from my daily work in my coffee shop.
For more than 18 years, I have been working as a Barista. The one thing that I really love about my job is to make my customers happy. A coffee shop should be a place where you can relax a place to meet friends, have a first date, have good conversations and of course enjoy a good coffee. I try to create that kind of place for my customers. I’d be happy to welcome you antime:
Dritan Alsela Coffee (Schlüterstr. 3a, 40235 Düsseldorf).

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Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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50 Replies to “Barista Dritan Alsela – Latte Art”

  1. Cein Rogez

    Me encanta tu trabajo, tu técnica, pero más aún tu jarra para frenar, el detalle que tiene al borde está súper, quiero una para perfeccionar mi tecnica

  2. SamgoesFI

    Hey why do you steam your milk in one jug and then transfer it to a jug used for pouring? Would appreciate an answer, I'm a fan of your art!

  3. Calidels Halawa

    Thank you so much dritan for sharing us ur wonderful skills..i'm very impressed by the way u turned every cup of coffee into something artistic and extravagant designs. Now, i'm so determined to do what u are doing👍🏻😊👏

  4. Roberto Salame

    master you really are the master.. before im inocent of latte art. but after watching all your video. it helps me a lot. now i can do better than before..

  5. Nejc Panič

    Dear Mr Alsela! I have a question for you. What do you think about using the spoon, as an accessory? Thank you and all the best! Hope I come to your caffe one day! Greetings from Ljubljana.

  6. SurJones

    I follow you and love the videos you get done! I have a question that I hope you can give your opinion on. When it comes to a roast I can taste a difference through out it's cycle between 1 day and peak and to me die around 6-7 days. (meaning the flavor changes so much) When pulling shots I was trained to pull my shot after I steam the milk. My base is the Ghirardelli White Choc. Power or Mocha Powder. I stir it in and start pouring my milk within a few seconds after the shot is extracted. Is there a reason why some shops I see pull the shot, and then steam the milk? thanks @drita alsela


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