Latte Art techniques & Barista Skills

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30 Replies to “Barista”

  1. Mimi Anastasia

    How I wish to work there and voluntere to work there ,for me to learned more about being barista so I can finally use my certificate of training in from now,I can't apply it cause I don't have confidence and no experience..experience is more important ..but certificate of training of basic baristas is important too..I'm from Philippines..and im your subscriber ..😁😊

  2. Springfield Leo

    I'm curious. What on earth has Dritan done to get world's most beautiful servers working in his cafe. The young ladies are gorgeous!

  3. Bilel Bouzahzah

    Hello dritan i am bilel bouzahzah from algeria i want work for you if you can give me chance please your job like me you are king of cofeé dritan give me chance for one month


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