A great tasting cup of coffee with the Bialetti Venus Moka Pot

I like to go back and forth with brewing methods. This moka pot method produces complex flavors that I love. The cool thing about all methods is you tweak them to suit your taste buds.

I also have a Aluminium moka pot, but prefer Stainless Steel myself.

I really dig how great the flavors are. I roast my own beans and that makes all the difference in the world.

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7 Replies to “A great tasting cup of coffee with the Bialetti Venus Moka Pot”

  1. Bohdan M

    For me it’s way too complicated. Coffee is meant to be be easy to prepare and must always be tasty without any sugar or spices added, it’s not a cake, lasagna or pizza, it’s a coffee. I never weight the beans, never grind to the medium, never put a timer after I start making coffee as all of these steps are completely useless. Medium grind will produce watery, “blond” beverage. Moka coffee must always be dark as night, like espresso, right when it comes off the tube and then, after it becomes blonde it should be taken off the heat – it becomes blonde when the water temperature is 95-100 degrees. The grind should be fine. And it should be tamped a bit and aligned with a spoon. It will produce almost an espresso, tasty and bitter-free drink. And yes, it won’t explode if it’s Bialetti. Problems can be only in defective, aluminum and off-brand mokas, usually those problems are with safety valves. I have two mokas, both Bialetti, I always use Lavazza Oro fine ground coffee and tamp it with a spoon and it comes off as delicious as from my DeLonghi espresso machine. And the common misconception to use “coarse/medium” grind is quite widespread, idk why actually because this way people can’t feel even 50% of all the flavors from the bean but just all the bitter compounds. I have even tried numerous times “not to tamp” and other than fine grind settings and all I got was french press/ drip-alike coffee water

    Also, about another common misconception “to stop extraction with cold water over the boiler”. Don’t do it, just don’t. It may damage any metal and any moka, metal dislikes random temperature changes and in future it can lead to problems with corrosion or something like that, especially if it’s aluminum moka as aluminum is the cheapest metal that exists on the Earth, suitable only for cans but not for making food and drinks

  2. NWA CAD Services

    Just got one of these today for $5 at a flea market, looked to be new, so I'd figure I'd give it a try and Wow! I couldn't be happier with it so far, makes some pretty fantastic coffee.

  3. Stefan Sigfinnsson

    What coffee do you like best in the Moka Pot ? I generally like the Selebes from Sulawesi in Indonesia but some medium+/vienna roasted espresso blends can be nice. The Selebes is also a very good coffee for those who use milk as it has very heavy mouthfeel,earthy tones and sweetness and when the milk is added the taste changes to a toffee caramel. One of my friends like the Brazil Sweet Collection from Daterra farm in the moka pot. I'm not very interested in that particular coffee from Daterra though.

  4. Hugh Rogers

    Bean weighing and water baths? Too much nerd for me. Bialetti's do make very nice coffee though and it doesn't get much simpler. I just buy enough ground for a week from a good coffee shop. The quality of the coffee is all about your bean preference. I've had a couple that were ok, or too strong. Big brand bricks from the supermarket are the worst.

  5. helpfulnatural

    I have a question about this moka pot. I received 2 moka pots as gifts. One is a Bialetti and the other is Imusa brand. They are both stainless steel and the 4 cup size. The Imusa makes wonderful espresso, very consistent every time I use it. The Bialetti on the other hand I have trouble with every single time. It doesn't seem to matter how carefully I prepare the pot. I make sure the top and bottom are tightened very well. But when I put it on the stove, when it finally comes to a boil, which is twice as long as the other pot of the same size, steam shoots out from the center seam where it screws together. I'm very careful about making sure it's tight and that there are no coffee grounds on the rim. I also only use medium grind coffee so I know that isn't the problem. What's wrong here? Could I have a defective model? Thanks for any input you can give me.

  6. Gary Ramsey

    Bialetti Venus Moka Pot for a delicious cup of joe. OK – so this is a new purchase. My main squeeze is the Aeropress and French press. But I have to say this moka pot produces one hell of a cup of joe. Wow, great tasting. A bit finicky to create a cup but when you do it is wonderful.

  7. Gary Ramsey

    One note, you should dial the flame down a bit more to get the time to around 5 minutes or so when you see the liquid gold start coming out of the spout. Oh man is it delicious.


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