A Coffee Shave ~ Yaqi Moka Espresso Shot Two Band Badger Brush ( Giveaway Now Closed 4/6/18)

For today’s shave I used
Supply single edge razor (V2)
Personna injecter blade (2)
Yaqi Moka Espresso Shot Two Band Badger Brush
Razor master coffee scented soap
Barrister & Mann leviathan splash

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28 Replies to “A Coffee Shave ~ Yaqi Moka Espresso Shot Two Band Badger Brush ( Giveaway Now Closed 4/6/18)”

  1. 3DayPriest

    27£ if you order directly from Yaqi on AliExpress. I have $5 coupon so am thinking about this brush seriously at 21£.

  2. Kirk Green

    Awesome shave and video my friend. Coffee scent sounds awesome for a soap. Fantastic products. Have a great weekend and cheers.

  3. Alex De Leon

    A keen job transferring the labels! They are centered, and look like they were originally on that tin. I am a fan of RazorMaster soaps. Cap sent me sample of the three that were available then. The lathers imparted by the Finnish soaps are rich and creamy. The Supply Razor is definitely catching on. I saw Jeffery Smith take one to task today. I may use the discount code for Father's day. I'll still have to fork over sales tax since I live in Texas. Terrific shave, Steve! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Distorted Edge

    I like that brush! I'd like to try a coffee scented soap someday. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

  5. joy ghosh

    Well my Wednesday shave I used captain choice lime shaving soap and matching aftershave splash because it's summer time razor was gilette guard and brush was omega 100022

  6. TrevieB

    Excellent shave, Stephen! Sure, I'm in.. I'm getting out of town with my wife for week and a half, hopefully I don't miss too many videos! Have a nice rest of your week

  7. Selachimorpha

    Nice shave mate!
    I'm in.
    Just got an email that my Supply razor is on its way here. Wohoo! They seems to be smashing razors!

  8. Johnny

    Cool looking razor that one👌
    Nice shave a s usual Stephen.
    Hope you have as nice weather over there as we have🌞

  9. Huub Sukkel

    Nice shave Stephen, the brush is called Moka Express not Espresso
    😂😂 Fine scented soap that Uula.
    Greatings Huub


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