8 Tips for Brikka Moka Pots – How to Get Better Foam (Crema) from your Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker

Getting decent foam from Brikka pots can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! These eight steps took me from wanting to throw the Brikka out the window, to using it almost everyday.

Is your Brikka not working as hoped? Join the club! The Bialetti Brikka is unique from other moka pots, in that it’s *supposed* to create a layer of foam (almost like crema on espresso). But I was frustrated by frequent stalls in the brew process, and weak foam it produced. Trial-and-error, and scouring the interwebs for similarly frustrated users provided me with 8 TRICKS that have allowed me to get thick, rich foam and smooth coffee from my Brikka every single time.

Just to be clear on the terminology, the coffee produced by the Brikka isn’t ‘technically’ espresso, since it isn’t brewed using enough pressure. But in my opinion, it’s as close as you can get from a stovetop coffee pot.

The Brikka ‘stovetop espresso’ maker has an aluminum body and comes in 2-cup and 4-cup versions. This demonstration features the 2-cup size. Bar pressure is just slightly more than a standard moka pot at approximately 2 bars.

♥ Fresh coffee used in this video: Tiger Stripe Espresso from Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters in Vancouver, Washington USA:

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** Safety Advisory & Disclaimer: **
Moka pots have been used in households worldwide for decades. But it is a pressure-based system, so it’s important to read your manual and follow all safety instructions recommended by the manufacturer. Never leave a moka pot unattended on the heat.
The tips provided in this video document my personal tweaks to the process. Use at your own risk.


Music Courtesy of the Youtube Audio Library.

*FTC* – This is not a sponsored video.

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38 Replies to “8 Tips for Brikka Moka Pots – How to Get Better Foam (Crema) from your Bialetti Brikka Coffee Maker”

  1. Allister Forndran

    Many thanks – am enjoying my first crema thanks to your steps – first attempts produced no crema and left me confused and "irked" – I found your advice and now I too can make a decent crema – again thanks for helping all fellow newbies

  2. Scott Hill

    Total POS
    Tried twice to get it to percolate through the top valve … nada , zip , zilch … off to the trash it goes !!!
    Waste of money
    Go to Starbucks and save yourself the aggravation

  3. Syinyee Yeoh

    What is the size are you using? 3 cups? I am wonder what size cup for Moka Pot I should buy if I plan to make my own Latte?

  4. Pavia Poulsen

    My Brikka always has a go when the clock hits evening, and what I do is to pre-heat the water, choosing a light roast – fresh, of course – coffee, grinding it a little bit coarser than usual, and about 17 g (I have the 2-cup version). My problem with cold water is that the moka doesn't seem to absorb much heat before the brew is over, and I still get a rich, flavourful cup with a thick crema, but we all have our ways and what work best for ourselves, and great video!

  5. Rich Veeck

    I don't understand the portion of the video about filling the water in the top of the pot. I alwasy fill in the bottom water reservoir. Why are you filling the upper part of the pot? Very confused.

  6. Fat Tony

    Robusta mixes make more crema than Arabica mixes but don't taste nearly as good. Little to do with the pot or the machine.

  7. Tadzio Pies

    Very informative except at one point you recommend tapping and then suggest levelling off with a knife so you don't need to tap. So which is it to be?

  8. Maier Maier

    💖A nice overview of the coffee pot, but the Chinese with aliexpress for some reason is better done than the original

  9. Philip nik

    I'm using the Brikka since 10 years, so a lot of experience to share.

    1.Grind coffee to the right thickness!!! Experiment a bit. (to thick or to thin and it changes the foam quality and quantity), (too thin or too thick and you get no foam at all).
    2. Turn the Brikka head upside down few times to make sure the valve clicks (works), or shake it upside down (hear the cling clink cling of the valve move freely).
    3. Water quantity is really important, I use one little glass of 1dl. (a bit less is best)

    My way with the coffee I use, works with hot or cold water.

    Hope every one enjoys the Brikka, it's a wonderful coffee machine and I'm really against all the capsules thing people are buying.

  10. berry more

    Is the foam layer really crema? I thought crema is essential oil that can only be forced out of espresso machine, rather than just CO2 foam?

  11. Baked Baker

    I managed to get my hands on a vintage brikka, the only issue is the post on the bottom of the basket is bent, should i try to straigten it and risk breaking it off, or will it work well enough?


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